" Your Image is our work of art "

Artist Greg Murray


Founder and President Greg Murray started his sign business career at the age of twelve hand painting signs, boat names and company logos on work vans. Greg has the innate ability to freehand letter, cartoon, illustrate, mural, airbrush and can utilize any form of artistic media available. Greg has also become an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flexi software programs.

In 1994 Greg resigned his position as Promotional Art Director from a major retail operation and decided to start his own advertising and sign business. Being blessed with an artistic gift he soon realized he had a powerful advantage over the competition. He found there were many commercial sign shops and ad agencies flooding the market, however very few employed natural born artists.  A degree in graphic design, pressing buttons on a keyboard and working a mouse are not a guaranteed recipe for remarkable designs. In fact Greg soon realized that he had an unsurpassed advantage over the competition who delivered extremely boring graphics blending into a busy marketplace.